After working as a Corporation under Hispanic Services Interpreters in early 2000 and ONLY catering to the Hispanic Community I decided in 2005 to re-brand and change my name to International Language Interpreters, Inc dba IL Interpreters and expanding my services and offering over 100 languages worldwide. Things were booming, jobs were created (hired 8 full time employees), contracted hundreds of interpreters everyone was working, things were GREAT!

 Unfortunately by 2006/2007 unbeknownst to me and not knowing that the economy was on the verge of collapsing my business started to suffer and also due to budget cuts, not being paid by insurance companies, etc.  Unfortunately, 90% of my business was with the State, County and Insurance Companies I had made the mistake that I said I would NEVER make “put all my eggs in 1 basket”.  Despite the decrease in payments, work I tried for years to keep up float to make ends meet, to make things right, but just like many businesses I unfortunately was unable to continue because I wasn’t being paid it got to the point were we were literally “robing Peter to pay Paul”; we had to lay off 8 Full Time employees and; we could no longer pay our bills, my interpreters, my health started to diminish,  interpreters started to bash me, and unfortunately my business crashed.

Since, the closing of the Corporation and as the economy started to pick up and get better, I decided to continue to do what I love “Interpreting”, so for the last couple of years I continued to provide services in both English<>Spanish.  I continued to receive calls from some of my loyal customers requesting services for my services and “other languages and services”, but I decided I would NOT provide these services any longer, so to avoid these calls and since I had made the decision to no longer offer services in “Other Languages” in 2014 I decided to Re-Brand Myself, so that I could just reflect my own personal services in my own language.

So, here I am providing services to my customers and adding these additional services to make up for the “other languages”, I’ve decided to include the following services in English <>Spanish.

These services include but are NOT limited to:

  • Interpreting Services

  • Translation Services

  • Transcription Services

  • Over the Phone Interpreting Services

  • Virtual Administrative Bilingual Services

  • B2B Referral Marketing services

  • Referral Services for the Hispanic Community and Limited English Speakers

  • Health and Beauty products through Herbalife #1 Healthy On the Go Meals…

I’ve also been working very hard to provide you with an easy to use website specific to your service needs “All In One”.  I’ve been working on my website for over 8 months and I’ve finally completed the site!  Please visit the links for information regarding my services and this wonderful industry, products and services. I will continue to post articles, information relevant to Elite Services 4 You Products and Services and the language service industry.

Hope you enjoy my site and stay tuned for more information, news and updates…Happy 2016!!!


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