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Happy International Women’s Day

International Women's Day was originally called International Working Women's Day, which is celebrated every 8th of March of every year.  It commemorates the movement for women's rights.  This is a global day whereas all all women celebrate the: Social, Economic, Cultural and Politial Achievements of … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day


Simultaneous Interpretation is a highly skill and NOT everyone can do it!

Simultaneous Interpretation is very complex

A translator at"Sanders" event!

Sanders Event Caucus wanted everything in English

A translator at”Sanders” event!

Sanders Event Caucus wanted everything in English

Interpreter Role vs. Bilingual Advocate

As an interpreter for over 15 years, I've seen time and time again interpreters stepping out of their Role as a Professional Interpreter and into the Role of a Bilingual Advocacy...Which as we all know, it's a No! No! Unless, the patient's health, well-being, or … Continue reading Interpreter Role vs. Bilingual Advocate

Bilingual Virtual Assistant (VA)

BILINGUAL VIRTUAL ASSISTANT   Did you know that using a virtual assistant can save you hours from your workweek? however, before you contract a virtual assistant make sure that you have a clear idea of which tasks you would like to delegate and outsource. My … Continue reading Bilingual Virtual Assistant (VA)

Translation Services by Faviola Valencia

Language Translation Services Accurate and professional translation of your documents goes beyond the conversion of words from one language to another.  It takes professional skills, qualifications in order to deliver the intended meaning to your intended audience.  I will provide you with the highest professional … Continue reading Translation Services by Faviola Valencia