Resources & Products

The Resources and Products that I recommend are products and resources that I have personally used and know that I can recommend.  I also provide and recommend products that are unique to the Language industry aka Interpreters & Translators, as well as products and resources for those wanting to START A BUSINESS aka ENTREPRENEURS!!!

There are several services, tools, resources, and products that I use on a daily basis that I recommend to my followers and therefore would like to share with you.

These tools, resources, services or products may help you on your online entrepreneurial journey. These products are products, services, tools, resources that I have personally used, or tried myself.

“Breaking the Language Barriers, One Language At – A – Time”

  • I provide the materials and Training Guides to help you improve or help you become a “Professional Interpreter”.

  • In addition to the products and resource materials, I also provide on-site and webinar training’s and over the phone basic assessments and testing.

    • These basic assessments and testing will help evaluate the language skills of a “potential bilingual candidate”.

Are you Bilingual and looking into becoming a “Professional Interpreter?”

I’m happy to introduce you to my wonderful “eGuide!”.  It has been designed especially for those who are seeking to become a Professional Interpreter.  So, if your like many bilinguals who don’t know what it takes to enter this wonderful world of Interpreting – DON’T WORRY!, this “eGuide” will provide you with the overall information about what skills, qualifications, training you will need in order to become a “Professional Interpreter”.

Are you ready to start your “Career as an Interpreter?”

Order “Introduction to Interpreting”

Interpreter eGuide

Ready to Start Working and Get your “Interpreting Career” started? 

Order  “The Business Guide for Interpreters” today!

This guide will provide you with all the “Tools, Resources, Materials”, you need to get your career started, or to manage your Career as a “Professional Interpreter”

Interpreting& Interpreter training

The training Guides, Glossary or “eGuide” can be purchased separately. 

Order High-Quality Custom (TM) Shirts Today!

“Click Here”

Available in all sizes and different colors


Do you have a SPECIAL SKILL and want to START YOUR OWN BUSINESS, but not sure Entrepreneur Business Plan 101where to START or what TO DO? Don’t worry, I will help you get started TODAY! The blueprint, step-by-step guide to getting your business started!

Entrepreneur Cafe Members Only Club (1)


Now, if your like many who are tired of “going here, going their” and not seeing a great benefit, or growth with your business…Don’t worry! I have just what you need. I created our own Entrepreneur Cafe Club a Club – a place where you and those in need of help, growth, tips, resources, networking can go to get ALL THE ANSWERS YOU NEED! It’s a great investment that will help you with everything you need! See you on the OTHER SIDE!



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